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Vermont Gages


Vermont Gage was formed in 1980 to manufacture a wide range of gage pins and sets. In 1989, the line expanded to include Class X gages, tolerances within 20 millionths. Additional product expansion includes taper lock gages, ring gages, and thread ring gages. The thread division is in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Franklin, Kentucky and the main manufacturing and sales operations located in a 60,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility in Swanton, Vermont. Several keys to Vermont Gage's success are quality products, competitive price and delivery.

Vermont Building

Black Guard GageBlack Guard™ Gages

The black oxide treatment helps prevent rust and reveals wear patterns, creating a more robust and maintainable gage.

Hole Location GagesHole Location Gages

This CMM friendly gage will give you the position and projection of a threaded feature. Simply install the gage and measure with confidence.

Plugs GagesPlug Gages

Make quick and accurate measurements with Vermont Gage plug gages. Measure hole sizes, calculate distances between holes, and gage slot widths. Available in straight, tapered, or hex.

Ring GagesRing Gages

Choose the best material for the application. Tool steel, chrome plated tool steel, or carbide. Sizes ranging from 0.0059 to 12.260 in diameter.


Custom setting masters up to 8 in diameter. Designed to satisfy tractability requirements of your quality control system, these masters are a must for your calibration lab and inspection areas.

Thread GagesThread Gages

Manufactured to ANSI standards, these thread gages inspect pitch diameter and the functional thread for both internal and external threads.


Specifically made as blanks for precision drills and reamers, Vermont Gage blanks have been used for many purposes. Over the years, Vermont Gage HSS blanks have been used as shafts, arbors, and guide rods, rollers, gages, alignment pins, punches, knock-out pins, as well as for stock in the manufacturing of specialty tools and instruments.


Support equipment such as Boxes, Mobile Chests, Handles, Grips and more to use and protect your investment.

Services include Calibration and CertificationServices include Calibration and Certification

Vermont Precision Tools (of which Vermont Gage is a division) was registered to ISO 9002:1994 in January of 1999. They added ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2003 and ISO 17025 in 2007 to our calibration laboratory. Their registrar, Intertek Services, performs audits on a six-month cycle with the entire standard covered during the term of a three-year contract.

Full Product CatalogFull Product Catalog


Core Services distributes all products manufactured by Vermont Gage. Prices may change without notice. Please contact us for SPECIALS, product availability, and quotes.





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