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Rebuilds, Parts and Repairs

Core Services started in 1998 providing field repair and calibration services on Sheffield CMM’s and like models. The following year we began developing the CMM rebuild process by purchasing our first machines. Work started, creating an inventory of parts, specialized tooling and control procedures. One simple philosophy was adopted; make the machines BETTER than NEW.

CMM Rebuilds CMM Rebuilds

We address the interior as well as the exterior. Parts such as the cable harness, air lines, bearings (air and mechanical), switches, solenoids, and regulators, filters, cooling fans, servo motors, drive belts and other wear item are replaced.

CMM Rebuilds CMM Rebuilds

Each machine is disassembled, cleaned, sanded, surface defects repaired, painted, and new graphics installed.

RS-50 Rebuild
RS-50 during disassembly
RS-50 Rebuild
RS-50 clean, sanded, and
prepared for paint.
RS-50 Rebuild
RS-50 base ready for
new parts.

We found some components requiring improvement, such as Apollo corner post covers. The original part was manufactured from plastic. Core Services now offers this part in a durable fiberglass.

Plastic Fiberglass

Controllers and Software are the least problematic. Many customers’ upgraded controllers and software as new versions are released. Outdated systems are outfitted with the latest technology available.

Discovery Rail Alignment Discovery Rail Alignment
Discovery Rail Alignment

As the business progressed we acquired Sheffield Measurements surplus inventory of machine parts and were awarded the responsibility of rebuilding Sheffield Measurement CMM’s for Hexagon Metrology. Several shipments later we stock OEM parts for Discovery, Endeavor, Apollo, Horizon, Progage, 1808, 1805, Layout and earlier models CMM’s.

Drive Rebuild
Complete kit for an Apollo RS-50 Z-axis drive

Replacement parts are sold individually, as subassemblies, and or complete kits. Kits are available for most models and axes.

RS-150 Rebuilt
Rebuilt RS-150
Rebuilt RS220 Front
Rebuilt RS220 Back

We see machines being replaced with new ones due to high repair bills. In most cases these machines have the potential of fulfilling the measurement requirement placed upon them. Could it be as simple as restoring your CMM’s reliability and increasing capabilities? Before you make your next major purchase, please check the available option for your existing equipment.



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