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For over 30 years, Renishaw has been an innovator in metrology, the science of measurement.

The company's first product, the touch-trigger probe had been invented to solve a specific inspection requirement for the Olympus engines used on the Concorde airplane. This innovative product went on to revolutionize post-process inspection of machined components.

Concorde Airplane

Renishaw provides a comprehensive range of systems to meet the application needs and budget constraints of all users, from simple feature checks on manually operated CMM's to complex part measurement on high-speed computer controlled machines.

CMM Probes

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Precision sensors for fast, accurate acquisition of component dimensions and surface data.

The world's leading range of touch-trigger and scanning measurement systems for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

Machine Tool Probes

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Renishaw probe solutions can help reduce set-up times by up to 90% and improve your process control. Renishaw provides solutions for tool setting, broken tool detection, component set-up, in-cycle gauging and first-off inspection of parts, with automatic offset updates.

Save time. Reduce scrap. Stay competitive.

Lasers and Performance Measurement

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Renishaw laser interferometer systems are used for comprehensive accuracy assessment of machine tools, co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and other position critical motion systems.

They offer the ultimate in high accuracy, repeatable and traceable measurement, using externally mounted beam splitters.

Non-Contact Encoders

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From our range of robust magnetic encoders for incremental and absolute requirements, through to high speed optical linear encoders and precision optical angle encoders, we can meet your motion system requirements, including ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications. All systems have an established reputation for ease of set-up and installation, plus minimal cost of ownership.

Styli for Probes

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Renishaw offers a comprehensive range of precision-engineered styli for maximum measurement accuracy.

Styli and stylus accessories are available for CMM’s, machine tools and scanning probes, as well as sensors from other manufacturers.

Renishaw will custom build styli to meet your special needs. You supply the thread size, overall length, and ball diameter, Renishaw supplies the rest.

Repair Services

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Renishaw offers a full range of repair, upgrade and recalibration services for components and systems to ensure ongoing performance and to ensure that you can comply with quality assurance requirements.

A range of "Repair by Exchange" (RBE) units are available for several items as a cost effective repair option and (subject to availability) we can also offer factory refurbished ML10 lasers and EC10 compensators.

Core Services distributes all products manufactured by Renishaw. Prices may change without notice. Please contact us for technical information, availability, and quotes for new and repair by exchange products.



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