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Services: CMM Calibration and CMM Certification


Maintain your coordinate measuring machine to OEM specifications and maximize its productivity with authorized calibration services from Core Services, L.L.C. Unlike other service groups, trained engineers perform Core Services certifications and calibrations. We have the parts, tools, and technical expertise to keep your CMM performing accurately and productively.

Ball Bar Measurement on
Sheffield Discovery III

Laser Linear on Sheffield
Pioneer Plus

Step Bar Linear on
Sheffield Pioneer


When is your CMM due for calibration? Core Services contacts each customer one month in advance as a reminder of an upcoming calibration, allowing you to plan service around production requirements. Scheduling this type of service early eliminates the aggravation associated with calibration extensions or emergency service calls.

Get to Know Your Calibration:

Letís get to know your calibration equipment. Regardless of manufacturer, Coordinate Measurement Machine calibrations have common elements; Repeatability, Linearity, and Geometry. The following illustrates equipment used in modern day CMM calibrations.


Equipment used: Touch Trigger Probe and Datum Sphere

CMM Calibration The sphere may vary in material and size. Measurements are preformed on the sphere as each axis is exercised.


Equipment used: Laser System, Webber Bar, or Koba Bar

 Laser System The Laser is the most accurate standard. Uninhibited physically, it measures entire axes travel without interruption.

Webber Bar The Webber Bar is a step gage design with a known distance to each pad. It is the most common dynamic linear standard used today

Koba Bar The Koba Bar is a step gage design with a known distance to each pad.


Equipment used: BallBar, Koba Bar, and or Laser.

CMM Calibration The Ball Bar is the most common and versatile gage for checking machine geometry. The relation between machine axes and bar determine what geometric elements are being evaluated.

CMM Calibration The Koba Bar works in a similar fashion. Although cumbersome, this standard does not require the support of a linear standard.

CMM Calibration The Laser system articulated diagonally through the working planes evaluates perpendicularity. Used in conjunction with the Ball Bar on large volume machines evaluates volumetric accuracy.

Geometry checks on Machines built before 1986:

Precision Square Precision Square: Used primarily to verify perpendicularity between two axes, the square could also be orientated along one axis to evaluate straightness.

Precision Level Precision Level: After adjusting the machine base parallel to earth the ultra precision level would be installed in the machine probe shaft to verify axis roll.

CMM Calibration Laser System: Angular optics aligned along an axis being checked would isolate specific element such as pitch and yaw. These vintage machines were commonly adjusted using laps and or push pull screws.

Look for these items during your next calibration. If you find the equipment or the process puzzling please forward your questions to us.


Accreditation Documents:

For your convenience Core Services accreditation documents have been posted in PDF format. Please click for view, download, and printing.


Scheduling and Quoting:

Please call 843-232-0404 for quote and scheduling of your next calibration.





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